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In 1995 Madonna saw some of Mario’s pictures in a magazine and insisted he shot her for a Versace add campaign. Even though another photographer was already signed on Versace agreed and this was photo shoot that kick started his career, Mario became the photographer that everyone wanted.
When he first met Madonna she walked into the hotel with no make up on and he insisted on photographing her like that. He wanted to see what the real ‘natural’ Madonna looked like. She was so impressed with the pictures that she booked him for many more shoots (TDM, 2010).

In 1997 Madonna asked Mario to shoot the cover for her album, Ray of Light.  After hours of shooting Madonna had had enough and asked to stop, but Mario insisted on continuing because he didn’t believe that they had gotten the picture yet.

“OK, I’m tired. We’re done.” And I said, “But I don’t have the pictures yet.” She said, “You’re working for me and I say we’re done.” I said, “No, we carry on.” The picture she used on the cover came after that. She didn’t intimidate me, you see. I thought, I have to push my luck here, so I started kicking her like dis, with my foot. She was, like, “Hey, what are you doing?” And I was, like, move here, move here,” and suddenly this created an intimacy. When these people come across someone who treats them as an equal, it puts them at their ease.”  (Farndale, N. 2009).

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